Shop Vac Corporation has been the recognised world leader in wet/dry vacuums from when they introduced the first true wet/dry vacuum cleaner more than 30 years ago. They offer a complete line of domestic, industrial and commercial vacuums as well as a variety of accessories specifically designed for heavy duty cleaning needs.

Shopvac Pro Series Vacuums

This series features stainless steel canisters ranging from 20L to 60L in capacity, full wet or dry capability as well as convenient built-in tool storage. A blower port in addition to the standard vacuum port further increases the flexibility of these units. Filtration options include foam sleeves, collection filter bags or HEPA cartridge filters.

MIGHTYmini Air Mover

This product is designed to quickly dry wet carpets and floors, however the design of the unit permits three operating positions enabling it to dry walls and ceilings as well or to be used for general air circulation. Airflow is adjustable with a three speed switch and the moulded handle serves as a cord storage when not in use.

Industrial Push Sweeper

A lightweight, easy to maneuver push sweeper that cleans dirt, dust and litter from any hard surface around the workshop or industrial premises. Both the main and side brooms are adjustable and it features a large, easy to empty hopper.

Suitable For:
  • Professional cleaners
  • Workshops
  • Tradesmen
  • Domestic use