GFB Power Tool Bits are Australia’s widest range of tool bits, nutsetters and power tool accessories. For over 25 years GFB’s tool bits have been precision designed with the tradesman/professional in mind and manufactured to meet or exceed all relevant ISO and AUS/NZ standards. To assist our resellers we have available a group of display merchandisers that focus on specific areas within the range.

Core Range - Tool Bits

35 of the most popular GFB lines. It is a full range of screwdriver bits of all formats, nutsetters in the commonly used sizes, and a variety of extended, flexible and quick release bit holders. A total of 216 tool bits.

Power Tool Accessories

17 of the most popular accessories for power tools. Includes nutsetter / driver bit sets, auger & spade bit sets, drill powered pump, extended &/or flexible bit holders, screw extractor sets and many more items.

Spade Bits & Auger Drill Bits

This display features 22 of the most popular sizes of spade and auger drill bits. The range includes 14 individual spade bits, 6 individual auger bits, a 6 piece spade bit set and a 3 piece auger bit set.

Suitable For:
  • Hardware stores
  • Fastening suppliers
  • Building suppliers
  • Mobile tool vans