An Australian owned family company established in 1965, Fischer Plastics design, tool and manufacture their full range entirely in-house at their Melbourne manufacturing facility. The range includes spare parts trays, wall mountable bins, drawer organisers, tool boxes and accessory boxes, all produced from the highest quality virgin material.

Spare Parts Trays

These trays can be used on their own or inside racking you may already have. With removable dividers they will suit your storage needs and come in 5 colours, matching the Fischer Stor-Pak Bin colour range. Click here to view the Spare Part Tray brochure.

First Aid & Medical Storage

A large number of items within the Fischer range are suitable for use in medical/first aid installations. Every product is made from 100% hospital grade virgin material and they are suitable for hospitals, laboratories, clinics as well as portable or fixed first aid applications. Click here to view the Medical Storage brochure.

Clear Storage Boxes

These compartment storage boxes are designed for durability and are constructed from a food grade co-polymer plastic material. The boxes are translucent making it easy to view the inside contents and may be stacked together easily for increased storage space. A special double sided 10 compartment box is also available in translucent blue, green and yellow as well as the standard clear.

Suitable For:
  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Vans - mobile workshops
  • OEM kit packaging
  • First Aid containers
  • Medical laboratories
  • Craft