BMI is a private German enterprise that has specialised in the manufacture of high quality measuring tools for over 60 years. Their range encompasses pocket tapes and rulers, measuring tapes, spirit levels and laser levels. A testament to BMI’s commitment to innovative design is the huge number of active patents the company has developed and utilise within their products.

Robust Spirit Level

The ‘Robust’ range of spirit levels feature a 4-chamber aluminium, torsion resistant profile with 2mm thick walls. Unique ultrasonic welded bubble vials and 2 milled measuring surfaces ensure unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and ruggedness.

Isolan - Ergoline Measuring Tapes

Features a lightweight metal frame with rubber coated ergonomic grip, wear resistant ball bearings and the ability to easily convert between left or right handed use. The yellow enamelled steel tape of the Isolan range is rustproof, breakproof and with black graduations is easily readable. This model is available with tape lengths of 30, 50 or 100 meters.

Anglestar Folding Angle Level

The Anglestar is a foldable angle level featuring an anodised aluminium body, built-in spirit level, an adjustable angle from 0° to 270° as well as 15 fixed, lockable positions. It folds for easy transport and storage.

Suitable For:
  • Builders
  • Carpenters
  • Estimators
  • Landscape Gardeners
  • Farmers
  • DIY handyman