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GFB Power Tool Bits

GFB Merchandiser Displays

GFB Power Tool Bits are Australia's widest range of tool bits, nutsetters and power tool accessories. For over 25 years GFB's tool bits have been precision designed with the tradesman/professional in mind , and manufactured to meet or exceed all relevant ISO and AUS/NZ standards. The wide range of power screwdriver bits includes:

  • Phillips, Hex, Robertson and Torx
  • Special patented design nutsetters
  • Wide range of security bits including Tri-Lobular, Tri and Quad-Wing
  • Step drills, Countersinks, Spade and Auger drill bits
  • Jigsaw Blades, Drill Chucks and Screw Extractors
  • Various power tool accessories and merchandising displays

The full range of bits and accessories are supplied shrink wrapped on barcoded cards for hanging style displays. Many of the most commonly used tool bits and nutsetters are also available in bulk form, without packaging.

Suitable For:

  • Builders, Carpenters and Tradesmen
  • Mechanics
  • Solar installers
  • DIY handyman